Saturday, 20 November 2010

Affectionate Gizmos Shop

So I havent updated in a while. Neglected my blog a lot :| My online store has become a major success! With 12 sales and two more on the way... a new unicorn plush has been reserved as well as comissions for: a purple and black sleeping dragon, miniature tiger and Prince Arin doll from the 80's cartoon Teddy Ruxpin! All from one person! My plushies have increased in quality and complexity so so much! My first ever sale on the shop (small pink dragon) was handstitched and nothing compared to what I make now lol Even the photographs of the items has gone massively upgraded.

Recent Plushies (Griffin and Dinosaur)

I have now started my records of sales in a spreadsheet of all my costs, profits, shipping, buyers etc. Hopefully inserting my buisness cards into my packaging when sending an item will pay off and gain more customers. I feel quite pleased that I have listed a unicorn plush and had a buyer reserve it on the same day! Awesome :D