Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Traditional Vs Digital

So, the house warming gift I was thinking of has took a completely different direction. I have painted a Nightime Liverpool Skyline for him instead, which he loves Yay ^__^ I managed to snap a photo of it before he pryed it from my tight hands:

The Liver building has far too many windows for my liking! It took about 6 hours in all. I think I like the reflection in the water best. I have been switching between traditional painting and digital like a crazy person lately. Admittedly digital painting is alot less messy but you dont get the same effect that you do with actual paint. Heres my most recent piece of digital work (took about 3 hours)
 Looking at my shop feedback and trying to get my head around a 'Customer Locations' map has also been on my mind. I took some screenshots of what my customers have to say about my items they have bought. It makes me feel a warm glow inside when I read them haha

More work to come soon inspired by the awesome company that makes cute monsters 'Stitches and Glue' Monster Workshop. I tell you that long fur is the hardest thing to sew together and mess your sewing machine right up!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Pencil Sculptures and Pop up books

Pop up books are so awesome, I have loved them ever since I was a little kid. It's facinating that someone can make a delicate sculptures that can fold away and be carried with you. I have been planning to design my own using characters I have sold in my shop. Thinking about it when I make a soft sculpture it is a similar mind set used when making pop ups. I have never fully understood how my mind can picture and design things that are three dimensional without even putting pencil to paper. Maybe I required this skill long ago and never really tapped into it until I started my plush making.
Another mini project I have been thinking about is to re visit sculpting the end of pencils. I was inspired many years ago by the work of a Brazilian artist named Dalton Ghetti. Just one sculpture sometimes takes him months and even years to complete (as well as all the pencils he breaks in the process) Here is one of my favourite pieces by him:

In my second year of university I was exhibiting micro sculptures for my exhibition. I decided to have a go at this pencil sculpting and see how difficult it was. I have to say I snapped many a pencil and didnt exactly have the best tools in the world (or macro lens camera either) but managed to complete one myself (the night before the exhibition that is) and was proud of my efforts. Here is my own sculpture of a woman with short hair. Although some people have commented saying how at first they thought it was Darth Vader haha
I have been wanting to make another one for a while but just havent got round to doing it yet. Then in work an idea popped into my head. My friend is moving into his new flat this week and I could make a tenny tiny house on the end of a pencil as a house warming gift :) I am sure he will love it... just need to think of a way to frame it?... Maybe get a deep frame and glue the pencil to the bottom really good so it doesnt fall over when being moved..... I am sure I will think of something :D I will be posting a picture of the final sculpture so watch this space....

Thursday, 27 October 2011

New everything!

So I have been in my new job for nearly three weeks now. It has it's ups and downs but I am just thankful that I have one at the moment! So hard to find a good paying job in England these days.... I also have a moving date for a new house me and my boyfriend have applied for. It's a lovely two bedroom house in Bebington. The only down side is that we are moving in 5 days before Christmas! Stressful times ahead.... I thought I would post a few of the general things I have been working on over the past month. I had an idea for my shop to give each plush I sell their own passport to show more of their story and bring them to life. Here is an example for a monster creation I made with the idea of giving the monster character via a recognisable occupation (Pilot)...

Now available to buy in my shop at : 

I have also been painting again (when I get the chance after work.) It's been a strange feeling because it usually kicks in at about half 9 at night. I get sudden urges to paint something, much to my boyfriend's annoyance ^_^ lol
Here is a lion speed painting that took about an hour. I think he is quite handsome hehe

This little guy (left) was original made to be sold in my shop however I have grown quite fond of him so will keep hold of him for now...
This design of an office monster (purple guy!) will be next on the production line for my shop....
I have also watched a series on TV recently called Art Race. It shows two artists making a journey from one end of America to the other by surviving only on the money they make from their art along the way! Such an inspiring series. The artists were Ben Sargent and Kenny Harris, both amazing artists in their own right.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sock Monster Tutorial

This is my first Sock Monster Tutorial. I finally got around to finishing it. Anyone can easily make a Sock Monster as my detailed video shows you the step by step process. Why not have a go yourself!

My monster's name is Calcifer after Stuido Ghibli's character from 'Howls Moving Castle' :D I used alot of stuffing to make him that much more rounded and cute looking...

Socks are so inexpensive and have the most variety of patterns. The best thing about Sock Monsters is that every monster usually turns out different than the last, which is the whole point. Each is original and unique, you cant go wrong!
If something doesnt go to plan then it usually only adds to the character of your creation.

Enjoy x

Friday, 29 July 2011

Moving on with lots of books...

So I had a job working in a special needs school and now the funding has been cut, therefore my contract cannot be extended :( This is so sad as i will miss all of the children as well as the girls in the office that I worked with... I tried to eat throughout the day in work to break up my lunch a bit which earned me the name 'Oink' lol (as in i eat like a pig) So I made this cute little guy out of a sock as a farewell mascot to leave in the office.

I have recently purchased a book when I was shopping on Bold Street the other day and I have been inspired! It is called 'The Daily Zoo' and details two stories. On one hand it is a sketchbook packed with fantastic illustrations. And the other side to this book details the man behind these wonderful drawings battling through Cancer. During his entire recovery he focused on drawing one animal a day for a year to give himself something to focus on, rather than the pain he was feeling. Its quite touching to hear his story, not to mention his sensational work! I recommend this to everyone as it puts your life right back into perspective.
I have been a bit of a bookworm lately as I also have books on my wishlist. Keri Smith is an amazing Author how makes books to suit people with creative minds. I already own her best seller 'Wreck this Journal' where the actual book is created my the owner to experiment with. I would like to own her other works 'Living out Loud' and 'How to be an explorer of the World.' She is also inspiring and gives any creative person hope in this sometimes dull, routine existence.
Anyway, book babble aside I have been throwing myself into my work more than ever and actually have enough time to finish a painting! This painting I have done recently is of a beautiful Cheetah. So graceful but powerful at the same time. His name is Lief, which means Love in Afrikaans. It is more of an observation of a friend who reminds me of this wonderful creature. A South African born, freckled wonder :D Heres to you Allistair...

Thursday, 20 January 2011

New Soft Sculpture for 2011

Here is a selection of my new work, four of them have already been sold. Christmas was very successful and I gained over £150 just from one customer in the US. My website is in the process of being made and my new logo is at the top of this blog :D I am pretty happy with it. A pufferfish is the perfect mascot because its cute but assertive and is so distinctive, one of my favourite animals as I used to own two. R.I.P Mimi and Yoshi :(

I have also made my biggest creation yet called Ghibli. Proudly named after the amazing Studio Ghibli Anime series. A huge Chinese dragon, which is also my star sign.