Friday, 6 November 2009

London Study Trip

Wow London is in such a different league to Birkenhead haha Walking around London to all the different galleries was both exciting and utterly exhausting my creative vision!? I mean, there is only so much art you can see in a day without going completely crazy! It was a great trip though and i managed to visit the Natural History museum (which took all day to get round) but well worth it! I managed to see a few exhibitions in between all the walking and train catching fun (total sarcasm about the trains, what is up with the tube system London has going on?! Its sheer insanity on a scary level!)

The Pop Life exhibition was really great especially the 'Japanese room' and Keith Harring's 'Pop Shop' I wish galleries didn't have stupid copyright laws though as i would have loved to photograph the exhibition.

The Saatchi Gallery was amazing because I could take photos Yay One of my favourites was t
he apple with lotsa stairways through it. I also loved the big clothes pile sculpture thingy :) Even though it creeped me out a bit.

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  1. Oh yeah, i think you may be interested in this.
    We had a couple of artists visit our University who are currently doing their Masters at the Royal College (if i remember correctly) and i think you may like Cordelia Cembrowicz work, particularly the tooth fairys? anyway heres the link to her page incase you havn't heard of her!