Friday, 29 July 2011

Moving on with lots of books...

So I had a job working in a special needs school and now the funding has been cut, therefore my contract cannot be extended :( This is so sad as i will miss all of the children as well as the girls in the office that I worked with... I tried to eat throughout the day in work to break up my lunch a bit which earned me the name 'Oink' lol (as in i eat like a pig) So I made this cute little guy out of a sock as a farewell mascot to leave in the office.

I have recently purchased a book when I was shopping on Bold Street the other day and I have been inspired! It is called 'The Daily Zoo' and details two stories. On one hand it is a sketchbook packed with fantastic illustrations. And the other side to this book details the man behind these wonderful drawings battling through Cancer. During his entire recovery he focused on drawing one animal a day for a year to give himself something to focus on, rather than the pain he was feeling. Its quite touching to hear his story, not to mention his sensational work! I recommend this to everyone as it puts your life right back into perspective.
I have been a bit of a bookworm lately as I also have books on my wishlist. Keri Smith is an amazing Author how makes books to suit people with creative minds. I already own her best seller 'Wreck this Journal' where the actual book is created my the owner to experiment with. I would like to own her other works 'Living out Loud' and 'How to be an explorer of the World.' She is also inspiring and gives any creative person hope in this sometimes dull, routine existence.
Anyway, book babble aside I have been throwing myself into my work more than ever and actually have enough time to finish a painting! This painting I have done recently is of a beautiful Cheetah. So graceful but powerful at the same time. His name is Lief, which means Love in Afrikaans. It is more of an observation of a friend who reminds me of this wonderful creature. A South African born, freckled wonder :D Heres to you Allistair...

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