Thursday, 27 October 2011

New everything!

So I have been in my new job for nearly three weeks now. It has it's ups and downs but I am just thankful that I have one at the moment! So hard to find a good paying job in England these days.... I also have a moving date for a new house me and my boyfriend have applied for. It's a lovely two bedroom house in Bebington. The only down side is that we are moving in 5 days before Christmas! Stressful times ahead.... I thought I would post a few of the general things I have been working on over the past month. I had an idea for my shop to give each plush I sell their own passport to show more of their story and bring them to life. Here is an example for a monster creation I made with the idea of giving the monster character via a recognisable occupation (Pilot)...

Now available to buy in my shop at : 

I have also been painting again (when I get the chance after work.) It's been a strange feeling because it usually kicks in at about half 9 at night. I get sudden urges to paint something, much to my boyfriend's annoyance ^_^ lol
Here is a lion speed painting that took about an hour. I think he is quite handsome hehe

This little guy (left) was original made to be sold in my shop however I have grown quite fond of him so will keep hold of him for now...
This design of an office monster (purple guy!) will be next on the production line for my shop....
I have also watched a series on TV recently called Art Race. It shows two artists making a journey from one end of America to the other by surviving only on the money they make from their art along the way! Such an inspiring series. The artists were Ben Sargent and Kenny Harris, both amazing artists in their own right.

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