Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Traditional Vs Digital

So, the house warming gift I was thinking of has took a completely different direction. I have painted a Nightime Liverpool Skyline for him instead, which he loves Yay ^__^ I managed to snap a photo of it before he pryed it from my tight hands:

The Liver building has far too many windows for my liking! It took about 6 hours in all. I think I like the reflection in the water best. I have been switching between traditional painting and digital like a crazy person lately. Admittedly digital painting is alot less messy but you dont get the same effect that you do with actual paint. Heres my most recent piece of digital work (took about 3 hours)
 Looking at my shop feedback and trying to get my head around a 'Customer Locations' map has also been on my mind. I took some screenshots of what my customers have to say about my items they have bought. It makes me feel a warm glow inside when I read them haha

More work to come soon inspired by the awesome company that makes cute monsters 'Stitches and Glue' Monster Workshop. I tell you that long fur is the hardest thing to sew together and mess your sewing machine right up!

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